Architecture of Sapham Bay Villa


KplusK Associates

KplusK Associates are the award winning architects for The Bay @ Cape Yamu. They were selected for their fresh approach to contemporary tropical design and their commitment to integrated, functional and sublime architecture.

β€œThe Bay @ Cape Yamu has been designed to maximize the potential of this magnificent site. We have conceived of the villas as modern tropical homes, constructed using the beauty of local materials.

The villas are designed as a series of linked pavilions with landscaped spaces between the dining, cooking, relaxing and sleeping areas. These pavilions are constructed with large areas of sliding glass doors, designed to enhance the connection between outdoor and indoor spaces. High glass facades are created with a double layer of solar shading to allow each room to maximize views to the sea and sky while protecting the interiors from the intensity of the sun.

Distinctive and unique roofs, lined by light Takien Tong timber, inspired by boat building designs around the Phuket region, provide ingenious timber rain screens.

The definition of each villa is light; the relationship of the architecture with sun, sea and sky is intense. This lightness of approach offers many ways for each individual owner to personalize the way in which to live in them. It is not bombastic architecture, it is liberating.”